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Precision Health Check

A number of medical examination plans are provided. The doctors will first face the consultation and recommend the most appropriate examination items. For details, please call for enquiries.

General Health Check Series
  • Plan A- Below 40 Standard Health Check
  • Plan B- Below 40 Comprehensive Health Check
  • Plan C- 40+ Standard Health Check
  • Plan D- 50+ Standard Health Check
Premium Health Check Series
  • Plan E- Deluxe Health Check Plan
  • Plan F- Superior Health Check with O.G.D. Plan
  • Plan G- Premium Health Check with O.G.D. & Colonoscopy Plan
  • Plan H / Plan I- Supreme Health Check with Endoscopy Plan
Men's & Women's Health Check Series

For Women

  • Plan J- Standard Women’s Health Check
  • Plan K- Young Women’s Health Check
  • Plan L- Mature Women’s Health Check 
  • Plan M- Senior Women’s Health Check
  • Plan R- Female Pre-Marital Health Check

For Men

  • Plan N- Young Men’s Health Check
  • Plan O- Mature Men’s Health Check
  • Plan P- Senior Men’s Health Check
  • Plan Q- Male Pre-Marital Health Check

Specialist Health Check Series

Cardiovascular Health Screening Series

  • Plan S- Standard Cardiovascular Health Screening
  • Plan T- Silver Cardiovascular Health Screening
  • Plan U- Gold Cardiovascular Health Screening
  • Plan V- Diamond Cardiovascular Health Screening

Specialised Health Check Series

  • Plan W- Joint Pain Check
  • Plan X- Comprehensive Hepatitis B Monitoring Packagedetailedmonitor
  • Plan Y- Standard Hepatitis B Monitoring Packagestandardan examination 
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