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CT scan


The Aquilion ONE Computed Tomography with its unique features of 640 slice per rotation and 16cm wide pro-vision detector provides high quality CT images with excellent spatial resolution and yet reduced radiation dose and examinee discomfort. This allows wide coverage of body parts at one single rotation leading to a perfect continuity at z-axis direction. Ultrafast scanning time provides excellent motion-free images and allows contrast medium dose to be reduced. Computed Tomography (CT) makes use of computer technology together with a rotating x-ray device to create detail cross-sectional images of the organs or areas of the body to provide diagnostic information for suspected pathology.

Preparation Details
  • By appointment only.
  • Please notify our staff if the examinee is pregnant or pregnancy is suspected.
Contrast Studies
  • Normal renal function (RFT).
  • Fast for 4 hours before examination, except usual medication
  • Please inform our Centre at least 2 days before the examination, if the examinee has any allergy to previous contrast administration. Oral Steroid (Prednisolone 40mg to be taken 12 hours and 2 hours before examination) should be prescribed by the referral doctor or our Centre. In special occasions, intravenous Hydrocortisone will be administered at the time of the examination at an additional cost.
Cardiac Studies
  • Please avoid the following items 24 hours before the examination, e.g. cigarettes, food or drink which contain caffeine and drugs such as Viagra or Levitra.
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