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There are three main examination methods for breast imaging scans, including “mammography” (hereinafter referred to as “mammography”), “breast ultrasonography” and “breast magnetic resonance”. Mammography and breast ultrasound scans are more commonly used scanning items. Depending on the needs of the patient, the two can be used in conjunction with each other for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Research shows that “mammography” can help detect breast cancer early and reduce mortality by 20% to 30%. It is recommended that women start asking their doctors whether they should undergo breast imaging scans at the age of 40 to reduce the life threat of breast cancer.

About Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Hong Kong, but in fact both men and women can get it.<span “=””>In 2020, there were 4,956 new cases of breast cancer in women, accounting for 28.4% of the total number of new cancer cases among women in Hong Kong, and 751 women died of breast cancer, accounting for 12.2% of the total number of cancer deaths among women, ranking third among fatal cancers.
breast cancer symptoms

⭕Lump or persistent pain in the breast or underarm
⭕changes in breast shape
⭕Skin abnormalities on the breast or nipple
⭕Inverted, bleeding, or any discharge from the nipple

Who needs a breast imaging scan?

The American Cancer Society recommends that women over the age of 40 should have annual mammograms and continue to do so as long as they have no other medical conditions.

The following are high risk factors for breast cancer

  • older
  • Have never given birth or have given birth for the first time after age 30, or have never breastfed
  • Have had breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, or benign breast disease, or had radiation therapy to the chest
  • Have a family history of breast cancer or a related gene mutation
  • Menstruation earlier than 12 years old or menstruation later than 55 years old
  • Long-term use of hormone supplements or combined birth control pills
  • Lack of exercise, drinking too much alcohol, or a high-fat diet
Which one should I choose between mammography and breast ultrasound scan?
Breast imaging

X-rays are used to take images to check whether there is calcification in the breast tissue, which can detect early precancerous lesions. In young women with dense breast tissue, mammography may not be effective at detecting lumps.

✅Can detect early precancerous lesions 

✅X-rays are used to take images to check breast tissue for tiny calcifications

Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasonic energy is used to scan breast tissue without radiation and harmless to the body. Its advantage is that it can diagnose very small tumors and nodules, but some early breast lesions such as microcalcium spots are difficult to find.

✅Can detect early precancerous lesions
✅No radiation and harmless to the body
✅Capable of diagnosing very small tumors and nodules

Therefore, the age of 40 is generally used as the watershed:
⭕Asymptomatic women under the age of 40 will be screened with breast ultrasound;
⭕Those over the age of 40 are recommended to undergo regular mammography examinations, combined with breast ultrasound scans, which complement each other to achieve a more comprehensive examination effect.

Cancer Detection Accuracy

Because both mammography and ultrasonography have their own advantages, the combination of mammography and ultrasonography can better detect cancer in people at high risk of cancer.

Use alone

  • Mammography: 85.2%
Use with breast ultrasound: 94.3%
What is the difference between 3D mammography and 2D mammography?
Taken from the front and side, combined into a single image
Shooting from different angles, and reorganizing the images by computer
number of photos
ake 4 flat images
Capture up to dozens of images
Some areas of the image may overlap breast tissue, increasing the chance of re-shooting
Each layer of tissue can be displayed, and 41% more invasive cancers can be detected than 2D angiography, effectively reducing false positives and missed diagnoses
More painful, because the breast needs to bear the maximum force to flatten the breast, so that the image will be clear
The pain is subtle, just use the strength of fixing the breast to shoot
relatively cheap
relatively expensive

If you’re considering mammography, you can choose the method that’s right for you. If you are sensitive to pain and want to obtain a clearer and more accurate breast image while reducing the risk of missed diagnosis, then 3D mammography may be a better choice. But if you have a limited budget and are less afraid of pain, 2D mammography is also a viable option. Or contact us to make an appointment with a doctor to inquire which examination method is more suitable.

Inquire now or book a breast exam​
KPM Breast Screening Services

In addition to providing breast ultrasound scans and 2D mammography examinations, KPM also provides more accurate 3D mammography examinations, which can help detect breast lesions and reduce breast cancer risk.missed diagnosisOpportunity.
The center also provides tissue extraction for testing (also known as needle extraction). If the doctor has doubts about the ultrasound results, tissue will be further extracted for testing.

KPM team and supporting environment
  • If required, the entire examination process can be designated by a female medical team
  • Specially set up a female-only lounge connected to the breast examination room, so that guests can feel more at ease
  • Spacious and comfortable environment, with the height-adjustable mammography equipment, it is convenient for people with limited mobility to conduct examinations
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